Why Is Advertising Important in Business?
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Why Is Advertising Important in Business?

There are plenty of companies that are manufacturing, producing and offering the same products and services. What differ are the brand names of these products. With too many product selections to choose from, advertisement assists customers to decide what particular product or services to buy that suit their needs and wants.



Aggressive advertising plays a big part in business success. Here are some of the reasons why businesses invest to much in their advertisements:


  • Advertisement informs the general public of what new products and services are available in the market for their consumption. Without advertisement, it will be difficult for companies to market its new products since the consumers are not aware that such products exist in the market and are available for consumption.
  • Advertising attracts potential customer’s attention to new products and services that are offered by a company. With advertising, the customers are informed and made aware of the benefits that they can obtain from buying this particular product and service. Likewise, with continuous advertising, current customers are reminded again and again that they have selected the right product and that they should select this product in their future purchases.
  • Advertising enables businesses to establish competitive advantage by positioning their products in order to attract customers to purchase it.
  • Advertising is a useful marketing tool for both sellers and buyers in this competitive world of business. Sellers can create market awareness of their new products through series of advertisements and buyers are made aware of the existence of new products through advertisements also.
  • Companies depend on advertising to reach out to their target markets, to increase sales of services and products and to compete with rival firms.
  • If you come to think of it, the main reason why companies advertise their products is to increase their sales and profits. Advertising really serves its purpose as it really helps increase companies profitability and sustainability.
  • Through advertisement, a company can introduce various brands of the same products. It explains the qualities of different brands that give potential buyers an option to select.
  • Through advertising, companies are able to push their products to compete with their competitors’ products and if they can, would even invest too much in advertisements just to make its products stand out in the market.
  • With advertising tools, a company is able to create its own brand and identity. If a company succeeds in selling its products and company as a whole, it can draw customers to patronize company’s products and it can help create a good relationship between customers and company. Maintaining this good relationship can eventually lead to an increase in sales and profits for the business.
  • As a whole, advertising is important because it helps the economy and businesses to prosper.

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