What Are the Three Advertising Techniques That Show Up Most Often?
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What Are the Three Advertising Techniques That Show Up Most Often?

Advertising techniques are used to capture people's attention and get them to buy a product.

Advertising has been a part of our culture for quite a long time. Back in the old days, town criers would yell out advertisements to the people on the streets. Nowadays, the internet, the search engine market, and television are the main places advertisements are placed. Each day everyone sees thousands of advertisements, each telling you that their product is the best.

With so many people advertising their products, you must make your product stand out. It’s not surprising that advertisers are trying everything to get their business noticed. Most businesses have their own advertising department. These advertisers need to use certain advertising techniques to try and get people to want their product.

Informational Advertising

The first technique is informational advertising. In this type of advertising the commercial or print ad tells you about the product. For example: “Kills 99.9% of all germs”. Then these advertisements often relate their product to a different product. For example: “Bounty absorbs up to 50% more water then other leading brands”.

The problem with this type of advertising is that it gets redundant. I mean, everyone has done it. People like the new and innovative advertisements that they see on TV. That’s what they talk about, not Bounty absorbing more. Due to this, this type of advertising is seen as a waste of time and money.

Association Advertising

The second technique is association advertising. This is pretty simple actually. Put your product next to an iconic figure and it will sell. A celebrity or well known person endorses your product. They are often well liked. Michael Jordan was a great example of this.

The problem with this type of advertising is pretty much the same as informational. Everyone has already done it. You see celebrities on television endorsing products all the time. It’s not special anymore. Bounty might have Michael Jordan. But other brands might have Zdeno Chara. It’s too redundant.

Reflection Advertising

The last technique is reflection advertising. It’s reminding someone of something they know is true and then telling them how the product will help them. “Got Milk?” was a prime example of this. They would put cookies on the screen and then put “Got Milk?”. The theory is everyone knows they need milk with cookies, so they’ll go buy the milk.

This is the most effective way of advertising nowadays. You aren’t forcing it onto anyone. You just tell them that milk goes great with cookies, which they already know. Then they offer you the product.

Advertising As a Whole (Milk)

As of right now, reflection is the best way to advertise, but a good way is to try to incorporate all three techniques into one advertisement. It's just like writing about all different things. By doing that you capture more people, because everyone is looking for different things. One person likes the celebrity, one person wants to know the results, and one person remembers having milk with cookies. You have got them all!

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