Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio
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Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio

Business owners everywhere are seeing that, radio is still an affordable, effective option to advertise their companyÂ’s message out to the masses.

Business owners everywhere are seeing that, radio is still an affordable, effective option to advertise their company’s message out to the masses. Singing sweet nothings into the ears of your potential customers still works great with sound involved. Here are five great reasons to go with radio:

Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio Number One:

Radio is more primal than print.

Except in the case of a hearing impaired individual, unless somebody is born with the ability to read, they’ve been hearing and responding to sounds longer than they’ve been reading. While people might not question as much something put into print, humanity has only recently enjoyed the masses having the ability to read as apposed to, folks having the ability to hear. Also: Sound can be manipulated, and commercial breaks timed with, a crescendo of excitement. This makes the listener more apt to be receptive to almost any repetitive, simple message. A certain song influencing emotions right before that message from Jack’s Barbecue gets a “foot in the door,” while an exciting message after the comics might get ignored.

Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio Number Two:

Folks have radios that don’t even read the newspaper.

Even moving into this apartment I live in now, when I had almost nothing, I had a clock radio to wake up to in the morning. Even during my past when I lived amidst a cornucopia of multi-media entertainment and gadget wizardry, my radio was there. This isn’t mere nostalgia. It’s an observation.

If the business you run needs to advertise to the maximum number of people in a format receptive to their minds, then radio it is, at the very least. Since radio is sponsor supported, and thereby free, anyone can afford one. But, even the wealthy have a radio in their lives, still.

Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio Number Three:

Radios are everywhere. What you advertise becomes ubiquitous.

Music isn’t just brain-breakfast anymore. It hasn’t been for decades. Radios are played in the home, at the beach, during the commute to and from work, on vacations, in the background at restaurants, and even on-the-job.

Radios saturate the marketplace around the broadcasting station in big cities and small towns alike. Even with as small of a town as I live in currently, one of our bigger stations here has a reach of approximately 100,000 people, at any given time.

Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio Number Four:

Radio stations barter.

Sometimes a local station wants to do a promotion or prize giveaway. Joe’s Pizza needs to advertise. In return for the mention of their restaurant on air, all the owners need to sometimes “pay” is the very prize itself. Not only does barter build excitement for the station, it’s also the only form of “guaranteed advertising” in that winning a prize will certainly get at least one new customer to experience the business.

Restaurants aren’t the only businesses to “swap out,” either. Broadcasters still have plumbing problems, landscaping needs, dirty windows, and their staff often have children with growing teeth. There might not be a business unable to offer something in trade for airtime. That’s what money really is anyway, a representation of the work we do, right?

Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio Number Five:

Radio, unlike the newspapers, is enhanced by the growth of the internet. There are now more ways to advertise.

How many newspapers, here in the US are griping daily, about how the internet “hurt” them? Some newspapers have made the adjustment just fine. Let the others catch up or shut down. But radio enjoys a wider audience with the internet.

I’ve even discovered some radio stations I never knew of, thanks to the web. The reception’s better via a feed, shows are more versatile, uncensored, and downloadable, in many cases. Radio stations with websites are also able to offer different pricing structures for sponsors on the websites themselves.


Personal experience, and,

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Great article Donald! Good work as always!

retweeted, dugg it and buzzed it up

Very good. I’ve been listening to radio forever and the ads still catch my attention more than anything on TV. Radio isn’t doing well either in this economy, so advertising gives the radio stations needed revenue as well.

I think the reason is that you can get a good publisiti here.

Top Five Reasons to Advertise on the Radio Very good write up on advertising on the radio. Darrell