Overview of Different Advertising Appeals
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Overview of Different Advertising Appeals

Advertising is an effective medium that informs the masses about the value and features of products and services. In order to reach wide market coverage and attract more potential customers, advertisers use different media and different appeals to link to customers across the globe. Advertising highlights product features to gain more customers.


Companies use different types of advertising appeals to effectively market their products and services. The popularity of products in the market today is the favorable effect of successful advertising. Basically, advertising appeals activate emotions and attract viewers’ attentions. Advertising may be presented in an exaggerated manner, cute, funny, inspiring and deceptive approach. It magnets mass appeal since people can connect with different emotions that it displays. Here are some types of advertising appeals for your perusal:

  • The most commonly used medium of advertising is the Audio-Visual Media Advertising. Here, the advertisers promote their products and services with the use of audio-visual media such as television and radio. TV and movie commercials and advertisement through radio announcements are widely effective means of product advertising that can attract mass appeal.
  • Another type of advertisement appeal is covert advertising. Products in this manner are advertised indirectly through television shows and movies. Here, actors are shown as using the advertised products like drinking a brand of soft drinks in a certain movie scene.
  • Bandwagon advertising presents an appeal that convinces potential customers to purchase a product simply because majority of the consumers are buying it. It stresses an idea that you should also use this particular product since millions of people are also using it. The most common way of presenting this advertisement is, “9 out of 10 people prefer using this brand than…”
  • Classified advertising utilizes periodicals and newspapers to appeal to masses about the advertised products and services. Usually, newspaper spaces are being paid by advertisers for their product advertisements with words and graphics as their main tools to create mass appeal.
  • Direct order technique advertisement shows steps to take so the consumers will choose a specific product. In this advertisement, advertisers convey their ad messages in a simplified and plain statement.
  • E-mail advertising works by sending e-mail messages to advertise products and services. This advertisement intends to improve customer relations and to promote products.
  • Half truth advertising appeal uses deceptive words to advertise and promote products. They convey advertising messages by using double meaning words. In most cases, the advertisement is worded so viewers can interpret it in more ways.
  • In corporate advertising appeal, company's messages and logos are advertised on larger scale like hot air balloons. In this appeal, the main objective of the company is to enhance their company's good reputation and image in the eyes of their customers while promoting their product itself is only secondary.

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