Marketing 101: The Psychology of Sex in the Marketing of Products
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Marketing 101: The Psychology of Sex in the Marketing of Products

Sex really does sell just about anything!

SEX SELLS! Advertising and sex have been USED together since advertising became a huge business. Using sexually suggestive images to sell (most) products, emphasizes that sex is a merchandiser’s dream and financial haven! Think about the Ads out there that cater to sex! Much of it is subtle, but the connotation is definitely there…

How many car shows or commercials use sexy women to promote their product? Even Tim Taylor on Tool Time had Pamela Anderson as his assistant wearing cutoffs and work boots. Every car commercial on TV has a woman draped over some part of the automobile. Same with Car Shows. Many women do very well in the Sales department at a Car dealership. Look at the sleek sexiness of expensive cars like the Ferrari, that is no accident. What does the stick shift represent? Right down to the little knob!

Speaking of testosterone…I am a hockey fanatic and go to as many NHL games as possible. The one thing I have noticed in the last few years is: the advertising around the boards on the rink has Viagra posted all over it.  Isn’t this family venue?? Should some sexual exploitation be curbed when kids are in the vicinity The Viagra Ads are consistent when the game is on TV as well. The marketers are smart, as they are targeting the age group with the money, who attend these expensive hockey games. Saying that and on the other side of the coin, doesn’t that peek the interest from the younger set to maybe give Viagra a try? Just a thought...

Look at 1-900 numbers and how long have they been around. They are still going strong even with the Internet Porn availability…Guess we still want someone to talk to us in the end.  It’s not all about visual to some people, thank God! How many people out there do not like sex in some form or another? Even if you are not a sexual person you are a visual one.  We all like to look at something sexy. Calvin Klein was very smart with their commercial advertising. They played on women’s sexual tastes and put “hot, sexy, almost naked men” on billboards everywhere! Tasteful but sexxxxxxy!!

What age does sex start to sell its addictive venom? Where do young girls learn about sexy fashions besides from stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan? Believe it or not, Barbie has been replaced by a younger, hipper and sexier doll! Who would have thought she could be pushed to the side after all these years? Bratz dolls are the new rage! The marketing is hitting below the age belt with their sexy format. Girls as young as four are wanting them . The dolls wear trendy/ skimpy clothes and heavy make-up.The lips are emphasized like she has had work done on them.

These dolls are marketed to young girls complete with skimpy clothes and heavy make-up.The "Bratz Book" covers such topics as “luscious lip tips,” “design your own sexy skirt,” “is your crush real?,” “tips on being an irresistible flirt,” and “are your friends jealous of the amount of attention you get from boys?  Those Bastards have been stealing my show topics! (LOL) The marketing agencies are hitting the TWEENS right between mama and papas pay-cheques! How messed up are we becoming using sex marketing on our kids who aren’t even in school yet?

The Sex and The City Movie, made 55.7 million on opening weekend.  These are Cougars not young Kitties getting people off their couches and into the theatres. It goes to show you that “marketing sex” at any age is profitable! As the old saying goes: if you can’t beat em join em! Marketing has never been so easy, Sex really does SELL!  XOXO Susan McCord

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Comments (2)

Hello there...I totally agree. Look at Hanna Bannana... she knows sex sells. She grew up with a teen age to adult, heart throb for a father. She can't wait to make that transition from teen idol to adult (R) rated star. She needs to enjoy every single bit of her child hood, and more. Or she'll be singing a song in 20 years " Where is my childhood" the late Michael Jackson. I loved your article Susan and granted you the expert tag for sex. Thanks again.

So very true Thomas! Thanks for taking time to read my article and tagging it! I appreciate your support. xo Susan