Make Money with Article Syndication
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Make Money with Article Syndication

How article syndication sites can make you money.

Article syndication is when a writer creates a copyright free article for all to use, as long as the article and by-line remain intact.  The article is syndicated when web masters, bloggers, and site owners use the article on their various sites or blogs.  The publisher is free to post the article on any site that is in line with the terms of the article syndication service as long as the author is credited for the article and the article is published in its entirety, unchanged.  The writer generally receives no compensation beyond the circulation of their article around the web.  What then, you may ask, is the purpose of writing an article for free?  Simple:

Writing articles for syndication allows the author to include contact information in their by-line and links to their personal websites to increase page views, page ranks, ad revenue, client leads, etc.  Writers can attach links to their home pages in their by-lines for increased recognition.  

Publishers who use syndicated articles are accessing a vast database of free knowledge.  The more content a publisher has on their site the more opportunities that exist for generating advertising revenue.  

You don't even have to be a freelance writer to take advantage for this kind of service.  In fact, this kind of service may be best for non-writers to increase profits to outside business efforts.  By writing about industry specific knowledge that few people have a knowledge of the part time writer could establish themselves as an expert in their field.  Anyone who wants to become known as an industry expert should take advantage of the free link distribution that article syndication offers.  

While there are several article syndication sites on the web, this author has found none easier to use than Wild Card Content.  This site is brand new and is still developing its article base, but writers are invited and encouraged to sign up for a free account and write on any topic they wish.  Writers are allowed to include links in their articles as long as the links do not connect to a gambling or pornographic website.  The site also requires that the publisher of the article link back to Wild Card Content, but that's only so that the site can keep pulling in visitors who will turn into writers who will keep Wild Card Content full of new copyright free articles for publishers to use.  

While some freelance writers would never do a job for free, writing an article for syndication is a great way to get the word out about freelance writing services.  An article syndication site like Wild Card Content is also a great way to send out make shift press releases.  Just draft a press release in the form of an article, post in on the article syndication site, and sit back while publishers use your press release as relevant content for their site.  As the article circulates so will word about your product or service.  

Using the Wild Card Content service is free and only requires registering with an e-mail address.  The company promises never to sell or distribute your personal information and sign up takes less than 30 seconds to complete.  All you have to do to enjoy full access to the site is come up with a username, come up with a password, confirm your password, and enter an e-mail address.  The e-mail addresses are only collected so that Wild Card Content can contact writers and publishers concerning possible violations of the Terms of Service, otherwise, Wild Card Content rarely contacts site users.

Like anything else in the world of freelance writing, an article doesn't make money unless its been written, so take advantage of article syndication sites like Wild Card Content to start increasing the page views of your website, other articles, or online projects.  Increase your page ranking in search engines by generating your own form of buzz.  Write one article and let website owners and publishers do the rest.   


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