How to Promote Your Business Using Twitter
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How to Promote Your Business Using Twitter

7 tips on promoting your business with Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where you can send posts, called ‘tweets’, up to 140 characters long as frequently as you wish. You can follow someone, so you see all of his/her tweets. If someone follows you, he/she will get notified of all your ‘tweets’. It’s basically like sending short text messages to all the people who subscribe to you.

Now, most celebrities use Twitter to let their fans know what they’re up to. They have been using Twitter to remind people about them every once in a while so that they become even more popular. What most businesses don’t realize is that Twitter can equally beneficial for a business as it has been for celebrities. After all, both celebrities and businesses do want to become more popular.

Businesses who’ve used Twitter have found out they could use it to connect with employees and customer at a more personal level. It can be used for gaining the trust of the customer and establishing of the brand.

By now, if you own a business, you must already have gone to the Twitter homepage and signed up if you hadn’t already. But, unless you have some basic idea about Twitter and Twittering, Twitter can turn into a disaster.

Here are seven basic tips to make Twitter a profitable experience for your business:

1. Use @businessname for your business’s tweets. This helps your customers connect with you more easily. Plus, this directly establishes brand identity.

2. Follow others. Follow your customers and employees. Read their tweets and offer them help.

3. Don’t advertise. You might get tempted to advertise on your tweets but this will just damage the identity of your business both in the Twittersphere and in the real world.

4. Offer tidbits and advice. For example, if you own a cake shop give some quick tips on how to make cakes. This really prompts people to begin following you.

5. Announce. Announce new products or latest happenings in your tweets. If you own a bookshop, you could tweet about the fastest selling book of the week.

6. Promote your Twitter. By placing a sign on your shop or even your business card, you can help people find you on Twitter. When people begin following you, they’ll get closer to your company.

7. Announce contests and giveaways on your tweets. Free stuff gets a lot of attention, especially on the Web.

140 characters of plain text can do a lot to promote your business. For some businesses, it has proved fruitful than advertising on newspapers or even on the television. Don’t expect quick but short term sales but aim for long-term brand reputation. By establishing brand reputation with Twitter, you’ll automatically attract lots of customers- just with 140-character tweets!!

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useful information. Twitter is a "must" tool for my site promotion!