How to Advertise an Unpopular Business Website
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How to Advertise an Unpopular Business Website

How to advertise an unpopular business website with little or no money.

Perhaps I have to change the title, because titles are very important. A good title above an article can make all the difference of how many people will read it. Every one knows it isn't difficult to advertise something that is popular. People who are using a computer and are using the Internet know about the flashing advertising images that come up in the applications they use.

Those advertisements are nearly always promoting well liked items or services that attacked a lot of buyers. They trow in a few magic words like: free, save money, free trail, special offer, ect. Those words are chosen with only one reason to lure potential buyer who are not sure about the product yet and those who wish to save money. Money and free  seem to be two holy words, of which money is the most holy one.

Enough now about Mr Popularity, he can look after himself.

Lets have a look at Mrs. Hopeless. I have to laugh now, I'm sorry. But after you have tried all kinds and even stood on your head, your website might not get many visitors. Yes it is all depending on what you offer. Of course you have done the following:

  • submit your site to search engines and what are they slow to pick up your site 3 months is nothing
  • Face booked, Twittered ect. (who are those people?)
  • tried free advertising sites, but your website gets drawn into the ocean of other more stronger, yes more popular sites. And now your site is littered with links.
  • Answered questions and signed with your URL on the Yahoo answers. If they pick your answer as the best, they put you in the search engine.
  • mailed all your friends your fantastic website  where you offer your services for a small fee.
  • Put leaflets up anywhere you see a empty piece of wall.
  • Wrote these kind of articles.

You can fill in the other things you have tried. Was it all in vain? It was if you give up. It might seem that other businesses got there without any trouble, but that isn't through. It is very hard to set up a business even in the best of times. And many fail, eventhough they had a brilliant idea and could have become very successful. The three most important things you need to become successful is;

  1. determination
  2. inside in the matter 
  3. a creative mind.

You need a good dose of determination. For some occasions you need a certain quantity of delusionality, the more the better. It doesn't help when you keep saying to yourself, "It's not going to work."

You need to know what you're talking about, you are not the only one in the universe who has been to school.

You constantly have to reinvent yourself and find new ways of campaigning yourself. Have a look at your site or let somebody look at it, it might need some more work or changes, who knows. Don't give up, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a business. There might be high flyers out there, but when they are running out of gas they will make a hard plunge. While you are just warming up and get your locomotive going. With a little bit of oil and the right care they can run for decades.

The fact of the matter is: invest a little money in the beginning when the site is new. Google Adwords is in my eyes the best option. 

Please give me strength. 

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