How Many People Are Using Twitter from Mobile Devices?
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How Many People Are Using Twitter from Mobile Devices?

This article presents some insight into how many people are actually using the website Twitter from mobile devices. The data presented here regarding Twitter and the amount of people using Twitter via mobile devices is legitimate, but it is unscientific and only covers specific data related to content the author creates on the Internet.

One of the things I do on the Internet is to create content for websites, like this article you are reading. On one of the websites I create content for, they show me where the traffic to the content I create is coming from. The data is important for advertising purposes.

Over the last week I have generated 10,836 unique views from Twitter on one site which publishes my Internet content. An additional 212 unique views also came from Twitter, but from the app. So roughly 2% of the people who viewed my content from Twitter, did so using Twitter's mobile app. 

2% of My Twitter Traffic Came from

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That doesn't mean 2% of the people using Twitter are doing so from mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Only that 2% of the people viewing my specific content did so using Twitter's mobile app. I believe people can use Twitter with a mobile device without using the app. So the 2% figure is a rock bottom estimation of Twitter users using mobile devices.

I've done other studies to try and determine how many of my unique views from Twitter are from mobile devices. The highest percentage of mobile unique views that I have seen from Twitter in any of my studies of my Twitter traffic revealed that as much as 17% (16.67%) of my Twitter traffic was coming from mobile devices.

Anywhere from 2% to 17% of My Twitter Traffic Comes from Mobile Devices

Each time I do a study, I tend to get different data as to how many people are using mobile devices from Twitter. What I can say about Twitter and mobile devices for sure is that in my experience anywhere from 2% to 17% of my Twitter traffic came from people using mobile devices. That's unscientific, and depends upon the definition of a mobile device and where it is being used. 

What I can also say is that the use of mobile devices on Twitter is really growing. Again, keep in mind these traffic figures are only for people using Twitter who have gone on to actually view my specific web content.

From my experiences with Twitter, anywhere from 2% to 17% of my traffic generated through Twitter is currently coming from Twitter users using mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Certainly a growing slice of the Internet traffic pie that is more than big enough for Internet advertisers and websites to pay a lot of attention to.

Joe Dorish has been blogging and creating content on the Internet and using Twitter since 2007.

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Comments (6)

That is quite a number of traffic I am much lower than  that, perhaps one day it will climb.

Oh, I like the figures!

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Interesting figures and number of traffic.

I do believe that the number of people accessing Twitter from mobile phones will be increasing. Good stats here!

That's really something. Thanks for this, tweeted.