How Do You Set Up a Cheap Google Adwords Campaign?
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How Do You Set Up a Cheap Google Adwords Campaign?

Setting up a cheap Google Adwords campaign is not that hard, but it takes a long time to do it right.

Google Adwords is the largest advertising company on the internet, and the ads appear not just in Google searches, but on most internet pages.

If you have a website, and can afford to spend some money on driving traffic to it, you will want to set up a Google Adwords campaign, and in this article, I will show you how to get a cheap one up and running.

Setting up Your Google Adwords Campaign

Before you begin to set up a cheap advertising campaign, you may want to look for a voucher for fifty to a hundred dollars of free advertising on Google Adwords, as these are usually easy to find. If you can't find one, try looking to buy one for a few dollars on Ebay, or buy some free business cards on Vistaprint.

Go to Google Adwords, and create your ad, which isn't all that hard, you just fill in the details of your payment information, your maximum spend in a day, your maximum cost per click and the countries you want to advertise to, as well as your ad.

Make sure to get the destination URL right, set the maximum cost per click very low to start with, and don't choose all countries. You will want to add countries and keywords one by one.

I would recommend advertising on all available networks, meaning the search network, (beside the Google search), and the display network, (content).

Here is the most important part of setting up a cheap Google Adwords campaign. Some countries cost less per click, and some keywords cost less per click.

You will want to add as many relevant keywords as possible, say for example your website was about a flea killer for dogs, you would add keywords like dog training, dog grooming, bathing a dog, removing fleas from a dog, and about two thousand other long-tail keyword phrases.

The idea is to set the maximum pay per click really low, and add keywords until you find some that are eligible for that price. The Google Adwords keyword tool may help you with that.

The more countries you add, the lower you get clicks for too, but try to pick countries where the people have money, speak English, and aren't banned from using Paypal or credit cards. For example, you probably don't want to add Nigeria.

I managed to get clicks to one of my referral links for about five cents each, by targeting lots of different countries, and using lots of relevant keywords.

Google have a quality rating, which determines whether your ads are relevant to their users, based on how often they click on them, and other factors like the loading time of the landing page.

Split testing is a good idea, and to do that effectively, you need to set up conversion tracking, which means adding a tracking code to the payment page.

There is quite a lot of knowledge needed to set up a cheap Google Adwords campaign, but Google has lessons you can take on their site that shows you how to do it, so don't be scared. You may need to learn from trial and error as well to see which campaign works the best, or if you need help setting up an advertising campaign, get in touch.

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Comments (2)

Very well put together. And I second your advice.

I created campain but I have been bidding 1$ for onclick.

Help me!

Thanks you!