How Do You Get One Cent Clicks on Google Adwords?
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How Do You Get One Cent Clicks on Google Adwords?

It's totally possible to get one cent clicks on Google Adwords, even when only targeting the US.

One Cent Clicks on Google Adwords

When I first saw this, I didn't believe that you could really get one cent clicks on Google Adwords, or I thought that the page I was reading must have been written years ago, but I tried it out, and it works.

The idea is, you have to find the ad types, keywords, and possibly countries that have the least amount of competition, and then set your maximum pay per click at one cent.

It may not work for all keyword sets, like make a million dollars, or making money online, but it works in most cases, if you take the time to set it up properly.

I'll tell you in detail what you need to do to get one cent clicks on Google Adwords, starting with the ad type.

Image ads on Google Adwords

Most people pick the standard text ad, but there are so many different ad types to choose from, all with their own separate rates, and due the lower competition for keywords on the image and video ads, they are so much cheaper.

There isn't just one type of image ad type, there are many different banner sizes you can pick, and all you need to do is make a banner in the right dimensions for your ad in Photoshop, and upload the file to make an image ad.

It could be as simple as plain black text on a white background explaining what the viewer will get when they click on the ad, although it's good to make it colorful and appealing.

Once you have a dozen different image ads uploaded to your campaign fitting the dimensions of the allowed image ad sizes, you pick the countries you want to target, (I'd suggest starting with only western countries), and add about ten thousand relevant keyword phrases.

Getting one Cent Clicks for Keywords

The keywords are the most important thing in your Google Adwords campaign, as once you have all the other factors sorted, it's the keywords that cost different amounts.

You have to add thousands of keywords that are relevant to your product or site, not directly, but in the sense that if somebody typed them into Google, they might possibly be interested in your ad.

It's important to keep them fairly relevant, or otherwise you will get a bad quality score, but you should be able to come up with at least a thousand for any ad. Use the Google Adwords keyword tool for suggestions, and don't stop at the first page.

Make sure that the keywords are being added to your campaign from the keyword tool, if you have any trouble, pause the campaign and raise the maximum cost per click, or print out a list, start a new campaign, and add them all when it first asks for them.

If you did everything right, some of your keywords should be worth one cent, and you set your maximum cost per click for the whole campaign, (including all the different ads in it) to one cent.

Update: Since so many people have caught onto this technique of getting one cent clicks on Google Adwords, it has become harder than ever to get cheap clicks through this, or any other paid advertising company. It is possible to get cheap clicks though, through other sources. If you need help setting up an advertising campaign, or with general internet marketing and promotion, get in contact.

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Comments (5)

Here's a trick to achieve the same for higher volume keywords: (1) pick keywords. (2) create ONE text ad per keyword- NOT lots of keyword groups. (3) make sure that the ads only hit Google SERP's and are positioned ONLY on top of search results - none of those sidebar ads. (4) Set the TITLE of your ad the same as the one keyword you are targeting. (5) What happens? Someone does a Google search for your keyword and clicks the first result (your ad) as the text is always the same as their search query. As a result, you get ENORMOUSLY high clicks/impressions and your quality score skyrockets. This strategy is perfectly in line with the Adwords rules too :)

Another winner Rowan.

Earth Follower

Thanks Rowan, very helpful

Chad Walls - Tutor Guy

Thanks for this post! I am looking for cheaper ways to get clicks and heard images ads to this day still are underused and therefore cheaper. I think the reason is because many business owners don’t have the ability to design ads and have to hire someone to make them which adds to their overall campaign cost. For those of us who can use Photoshop and have basic design skills Google display via image ads is a great way to go.


Love this article. Thanks for showing me how to get 1 cent clicks. Will be using this from now on. Hope to get 1000 visitors with $10.