Essentials of a Good Advertisement
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Essentials of a Good Advertisement

Essentials of a good Advertisement The advertisement is technically known as advertising copy. It consists of the written or spoken message. According to Sohrab R. Davar, an effective advertising copy should contain the following qualities.

Essentials of a good Advertisement

The advertisement is technically known as advertising copy. It consists of the written or spoken message. According to Sohrab R. Davar, an effective advertising copy should contain the following qualities.

1. Attention Value: The first essential of a good advertisement is that it must be so designed as to attract the attention of those whom it is addressed. Most of the people are very busy and have a very cursory or hurried look at advertisements. Unless the advertisement can draw their attention, it will go waste. The following techniques may be used to build attention or display value in advertising copy:

(a) By using catchy but short headlines. The headlines may be a slogan or reference to the quality of the product.

(b) By using pictures or drawings of the product being advertised. .

(c) By putting a question, e.g.; 'Is your premium due this month?' by LIC

(d) By quoting price where the price is comparatively low and is likely to attract the attention of the customers,

(e) By inserting reply coupons for gifts or free literature.

(f) By using artistic borders, blank spaces, bold types, bright colors, etc., which bring the message into sharp focus by separating it out from the rest of the material? Use of right page or space and underlining of key words also help to attract attention to the advertising copy.

2. Memorizing Value: The design and layout of the advertising copy should be such that it has a lasting Expression on the minds of the people. Repeated use of brand names and trademarks helps to make the advertisement memorable. A picture depicting the use of the product for a specific need is useful. Association of the product with a symbol or sketch also helps to create a long term impact on mind. For instance, the smiling baby has become associated with Murphy radios.

3. Suggestive Value: The advertising copy should suggest the advantages and uses of the product. Emphasis on the superiority of the product and its necessity helps to create customers' interest. People take interest in a product only when they feel it will solve their needs and give them good satisfaction.

‘Amul builds healthy bodies', 'where there is Lifebuoy, there is health', 'Smoke Panama, they are good to the last puff, 'Fanta Orange so good one feels to be thirsty' are a few examples of suggestive value.

4. Educational Value: A good advertising copy should educate the people by providing knowledge relating to the mode of using the product, precautions required in its use, sources where fee product is available, services available with the product and new uses of the product.


The Benefits of Radio Advertising

As mentioned above, with advertising copy in the written form, there is also a great benefit from advertising on the radio. Numerous studies show that advertising on the radio is still number one form of advertising, especially since magazines and newspapers have started to fade away in favor of the internet.

The internet has become a powerful form of advertising today in 2017, with coupons, tracking cookies and informational type of advertising.

Still, radio advertising leads the way to get the word out to consumers. On the radio, a 30 second ad can convey the message, the idea, the need a consumer needs and even get out the coupon. More and more, you will hear on the radio, coupons within the ad when the DJ says, use code so and so to get 25% off with this code.

Certain jingles and music along with delivering the message can stick in everyone’s mind throughout the day after hearing the ad several times per day on the radio.

Television Advertising

Ads on television are still growing with their jingles and the message and the visual message. During major sporting events like the Super Bowl, advertising can cost millions of dollars for a 15 or 20 second ad. But people talk about those ads for months.

On a cost versus cost comparison, radio advertising is still far cheaper than advertising on the television.

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