Before You Set Up a Google Adwords Campaign
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Before You Set Up a Google Adwords Campaign

Before you set up a Google Adwords campaign you have to be aware of a lot of things.

There are many things you should know before setting up a Google Adwords Campaign for your website, and I hope to explain in this article how to set up a cheap, effective Google Adwords campaign that will continue to run.

First things first, be very careful to read the terms of service, as Google have recently changed their policy on landing pages, and will permanently suspend your account if you try to advertise affiliate links on Google Adwords.

Some advertisers have had their accounts permanently suspended after advertising successfully for years. Basically, you have to have a quality website, with it's own domain name, and you have to use that domain as the destination URL as well as the display URL.

Ways to Save on Your Google Adwords Campaign

Given the fact I've never bought a domain name of my own, and have had my account permanently suspended by Google Adwords, meaning they stole all the money I had in the account, I can't tell you what I'm doing now to advertise on Google Adwords.

What I can tell you is what I've learned in the past about how to get cheaper clicks, and given you are advertising a good landing page, these techniques will work.

For a start, try making an image ad instead of a text ad, because there is less competition for some of the image ad sizes. You will have to make a banner in Photoshop that looks good, and fits the accepted sizes of banners.

Now, you start adding relevant keywords, and you can use the Google Adwords keyword tool to help with that. You enter a relevant keyword, see what results come up, and keep adding the keyword phrases which someone might type in if they were looking for your product, or might be interested.

You will need thousands of keywords, so don't stop at the first page of results, and make sure they are being added. The reason for having thousands of keywords is that some will have less competition, and cost less per click.

Add as many countries as you think you would want to get clicks from, and even split test ad groups on different countries using conversion tracking to see which targeting features work best.

Given that you pick the ad types, keywords and countries that have a very small amount of competition, you should be able to set your maximum pay per click at one cent, and still get a lot of clicks, but don't start it off at one cent, until you finish adding keywords.

It depends a bit on whether your product is generally related to an expensive topic, but aim for a really low pay per click, and keep messing around with all of the different options until you get there.

You need a good quality score as well, which means that your keywords have to have a good click through rate, or a good percentage of clicks for impressions, which is just one of the factors by which Google determines the quality of your campaign.

As I said, a lot of people have had their accounts permanently suspended as Google Adwords and Google in general is trying to crack down on low quality campaigns and websites, so you might want to try Facebook Ads instead, where you have more targeting features like age, interests, and even whether a person has a degree.

For an advertising campaign to work well, you have to explore all avenues, track the conversions from different campaigns, and you may even lose a lot of money before you end up making it back.

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Comments (1)

Thanks for another informative piece. After my AdSense experience, I try to avoid Google, unless i am just using the search engine to look for something.