An Overview of Trends in Scent Marketing and Branding Strategies
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An Overview of Trends in Scent Marketing and Branding Strategies

Following a particular fragrance or scent may translate into more sales for many store owners. Today, scent marketing proves to be an advertising method of choice for retailers globally.

Scent marketing, also known as branding strategies, has always been around since ancient times; but today, retailers and manufacturers have truly caught on. By using the olfactory senses to attract the public to a specific product, service or even a particular store, salesmanship is going to a new level with scent marketing.

Scent marketing in times past, may only have consisted of a traveler following his nose, so to speak, and tracking down the place of origin of the aroma of freshly baked bread. If the village baker had a specialty item, a branding strategy was then used to lure patrons.

Today, scent marketing can be simply created by harnessing the smell of pine trees in spray canisters and squirting a targeted area. Typically used at Christmas time to sell trees, this tactic has proven very effective over the years. The strong smells of freshly cut lumber is a sure given away of a carpenter’s shop being nearby.

Today, scent marketing is being used at an all-time high in such environments such as: financial institutions, retail stores and health care facilities. They have learned that smells, aromas and fragrances can be effectively used to trigger certain emotions.

Some scientific studies on scent marketing indicate how targeting the olfactory senses of customers with certain fragrances and scents can move on customers to remain longer and spend on more expensive items.

Health Care, Financial/Office Environments:

Some health care administrators have promoted the use of the scent marketing using lavender or eucalyptus as they found these fragrances to be conducive to making waiting rooms a little less traumatic.

Likewise, to lessen the cold, detached atmosphere, some offices and banks have experimented with various scents to foster a warm, friendly environment for their customers and office workers. Most recent studies indicate typing errors can be reduced and efficiency increased when workers are exposed to lemon, peppermint and lavender fragrances combined.

Retail Stores:

The delightful scent of Apple orchards was expelled through the air conditioning duct system of one aggressive regional Apple store locality. In another example of scent marketing, the International Omni Hotel chains bombarded their rooms and lobbies with green tea and lemongrass; this practice proved to produce longer stays in more expensive suites.

In 1959, the Parisian subway began branding strategies when they introduced a carnation scent to help enhance the comfort level for their passengers. Curiously, the French bullet trains have not been able to duplicate the scent.

Today, scent marketing, or branding strategies continue to expand globally for many businesses. Business owners everywhere understand customer loyalty and connectivity with their brand. And no where is this more evident than in scent marketing.

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