Advertising in a Non-Profit Organization
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Advertising in a Non-Profit Organization

Just like any other business, non-profit organizations are also in the business of selling their ideas and values and therefore needs to advertise themselves to the general public. Marketing is a new idea for numerous nonprofit organizations and may very well be the line between making a sale, getting donations and ensuring consumer or donor satisfaction.

Just like any other business, non-profit organizations are also in the business of selling their ideas and values and therefore needs to advertise themselves to the general public. However, marketing is a new idea for numerous nonprofit organizations. It is essential that non-profit organizations understand that marketing is not only a means of making a sale or getting donations but also a way to ensure consumer or donor satisfaction.

Marketing in a non profit begins with the organizations identification of the target market as well as the preferred result of the advertising efforts.  Through identifying the target market, the organization can identify opportunities within the market. Finding out the target market provides the non-profit organization with information that enables it to focus on the consumers that are interested or could be interested in what the organization has to offer which both saves time and money.

Through the information gathered in the identification of the target market and the desired outcomes, marketing materials that describe the services, benefits, donation opportunities and principles of the organization are developed. Marketing materials should persuade and inform the prospective consumers on the services and opportunities being offered by the organization and should motivate them to purchase or donate to the organization. All the marketing material should identify the nature of the service or opportunity and mention all the features that would be of interest to the potential consumer in a clear and precise manner.

Most non-profit have also began to use social media advertising strategies using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to provide the organization with a means to reaching out to those interested in their organization in a inexpensive and efficient way. These social media sites are good ways to provide information to those who are passionate about certain causes that the organization may advocate for. Apart from using the social media sources, a non-profit organization can keep up their professional presence by creating a website for the organization. The website can be used to display news, useful information, and events, create an online community of those who support the cause or service offered by the organization, showcase the benefits of the organization and share alternatives to donating money.

Through using social media and professional websites, the organization can create relationships and engage with their constituent, which in turn creates a viral marketing effect with very little effort on the organizations part. Making use of these mediums can also benefit the advertising of a non-profit organization. This is because having a website or “page” on a social media networking site in today’s era technological advancement, helps to authenticate or validate the legitimacy of the organization.

An alternative advertising strategy used in non-profits is through the word of mouth marketing strategy. It is common knowledge that people are more likely to trust the advice of family and friends than advertisements. They also tend to pass along optimistic remarks about organizations  face to face rather than by other means of communication. To be able to achieve this method of advertising efficiently, the organization needs to create close bonds with people who have extensive social networks as well as encouraging those that recruit donors or volunteer within the organization by implementing a system of rewards.

 It is imperative that the organization involves the on-going research on prospective consumers or clients are maintained through follow-up phone calls to the consumers whose details are available to the organization.

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