4Imprint USA V Quality Logo Products V Branders: a Review of Marketing Material
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4Imprint USA V Quality Logo Products V Branders: a Review of Marketing Material

There are several ways to promote a new business. There are also several companies on the Internet trying to gain customers and customer satisfaction. The business of putting a logo and a slogan on a product for companies is a growing and competitive business. Businesses who are looking for these products have several options available.


With every business comes the obligation of marketing that business. This is true of any business. There are several ways to market a new business. Most new businesses are on a shoestring budget. So, most often a new business will need to cut short the marketing department. However, there are several ways to market a business that is on a tight budget.

Most businesses can grow through word-of-mouth advertising. But, getting the word out for a new business might be difficult. If this is a first business for the business owner, there might be a question of what is the best word-of-mouth marketing method to use. The answer should be using some promotional products with the company’s logo embedded on the product.

There are several sites that offer similar promotional products. With so many sites offering these products it might be difficult to select which site to order from. This report will review 4Imprint USA, Quality Logo Products, and Branders. At the completion of the report a reader should have a clear idea of which company he or she would purchase promotional products for a business.

4Imprint USA

Some of the promotional products companies can find at 4Imprint USA consist of pens, Lanyard, umbrellas, and sports bottles. 4Imprint USA has several of these products that begin under one dollar per piece.

The minimum order for most of the products is just one hundred pieces. So, there are several products for a company with a tight budget to select. Making a choice at 4Imprint USA should not be difficult.

If a company is having a business luncheon to introduce itself, the company might want to select products from the stationery department. Selecting a product from the stationery department will give a company a great door gift for all guests at the luncheon.

4Imprint USA has a three hundred sixty degree guarantee. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with an order, the customer can send the order back to the company. The company will either redo the order, or the company will refund the purchase price of the order. The three hundred sixty degree guarantee also includes on time shipping or the order is free, and a price guarantee. The price guarantee is that if a customer finds another company selling the same product for less, 4Imprint USA will double the difference in return.

4Imprint USA has several products made in the United States. The company devotes an entire category to products manufactured in the United States.

Customers who need a rush delivery can select products from the twenty four hour delivery category. This will ensure the customer will receive timely manufacturing of his or her products and that 4Imprint USA will ship out the products within twenty four hours.

4Imprint USA is accredited by the United States Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB grades a business on several aspects. The grades range from A+ to F. The BBB gives 4Imprint USA an A+ grade.

Quality Logo Products

There are several qualities about Quality Logo Products that are quite similar to 4Imprint USA. These qualities include the product selection. The products selection at Quality Logo Products includes apparel, golfing products, and business products. Companies can select from any number of products to promote a new or existing business.

Like its competitor Quality Logo Products has several guarantees put into place. One of the guarantees is also a low price guarantee. Quality Logo Products guarantees its site has the lowest prices on the Internet. Quality Logo Products challenges any customer to find a lower price on a similar product the customer purchased from Quality Logo Products. If a customer should find a lower price on a similar product, Quality Logo Products will refund the customers purchase price by one hundred and ten percent. On time delivery is another similar guarantee Quality Logo Products has to 4Imprint USA. This is where the similarities in guarantees with the two companies ends.

Quality Logo Products also guarantees a customer will not need to send an order back to them. The customer will see what the products he or she is ordering will look like, before the products are proofed, created, and shipped.

The customer will not need to worry about hidden fees. Quality Logo Products guarantees there are no hidden fees in its product pricing. What the customer sees is what the customer gets.

There is also a low minimum ordering guarantee. Quality Logo Products guarantees orders will start the lowest quantity on the Internet. Most sites set a minimum order quantity around one hundred, or more. Quality Logo Products has a minimum quantity of twenty four products for select items.

The BBB has rated Quality Logo Products with an A+ rating.


Like its counterparts, Branders has several products for companies to select and personalize. Depending on the event, the company, and the marketing campaign will determine what products the company will select. Branders has office products such as USB flash drives that can be customized to the customers specifications. There are also birthday supplies, and umbrellas that can be customized any way the customer would like. Like 4Imprint USA, Branders has a category devoted to products that have been manufactured in the United States.

Part of the Branders guarantee is customers will find the largest selection of products on the Internet. Branders carries an abundance of products that the competitors just do not carry.

Branders allows customers to submit their own artwork. Customers can create an image and proof on the office computer and then upload it to the Branders website. There are several options companies and individuals can choose when uploading artwork. Customers can select one to four colors to create the product.

Like 4Imprint USA, Branders has a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, and on time delivery, and a low price guarantee.

Branders will also allow a customer to select a free sample of a product. Customers who would like a free sample should simply order the selected item from Branders. Branders does not allow the customer to select artwork for Branders to create the free sample. The logos and slogans on the free samples are chosen by Branders at random.

Prices at Branders start below fifty cents. There are several items customers can choose from the Branders website that will cost under fifty cents per piece with a minimum of one hundred pieces per order. With prices like this Branders seems to outrun its competitors. Customers can select several items and complete an order for under fifty dollars. Customers of 4Imprint USA cannot complete an order for under fifty dollars. With the minimum quantity being so low at Quality Logo Products, customers might be able to complete an order for under fifty dollars.

Like its competitors, the BBB has given Branders accreditation. The grade the BBB has given Branders is not listed on the Branders website. Branders merely specifies it is an accredited Better Business Bureau business.


This report has given a detailed comparison of 4Imprint USA, Quality Logo Products, and Branders. All three companies sell promotional products for businesses and individuals that are looking to become branded. Branding a business can be a difficult task. Branding oneself can be more difficult.

All three companies have scored quite well with the United States Better Business Bureau. The BBB does not give accreditation to companies that do not score well. Companies with several open complaints with the BBB will not score well with them. The BBB takes its grading process quite seriously.

Which of the three companies a business should select to purchase from will depend upon the needs of the business. If the business would like a low price guarantee, all three companies offer this. Some businesses are on a shoestring budget and will need to select products from Branders. Companies can complete orders for under fifty dollars from branders. The final price will depend on the quantity ordered.

Companies who want fewer than one hundred products should select to purchase from Quality Logo Products. Customers can order from as little as twenty four items from select categories. If this is something the customers need then the customer should go with Quality Logo Products.

Customers who want satisfaction and on time delivery should go with 4Imprint USA. There is nothing significant that stands out about 4Imprint USA from its competitors Quality Logo Products and Branders.

In conclusion it is to the recommendation of this report that Branders would give customers the best price, selection, and quality offered of the three. Customers who are looking for a large selection with quality at a great price would be better in choosing Branders. Branders is not just for customers who own a business that needs to be branded. Individuals can use the products offered by Branders to brand themselves. Individuals can also use the products for birthday parties, wedding and baby showers. All around it appears Branders is the better of the three companies to choose.

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